Grow Financial and Real Estate on #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Wes Strickland and Jim McPeak

Happy Friday! As we close this great week, thank you for joining us every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow with your host, Jamie Meloni! Remember that if you couldn’t catch our live show, head over to to watch or listen to any show on demand! You can also head over to to see the live stream of any of our shows covering a wide range of topics! Make sure to also check out our guest list, as we have had hundreds of guests from all types of backgrounds! You can certainly find any service you need, all from professionals in our local community! So head over to to support our local entrepreneurs! Today on #ThatBusinessShow, we had Wes Strickland, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union; and Jim McPeak, Expert Contributor from McPeak Real Estate Firm! The three had a great discussion about real estate, investing, and even some words about sports! If you missed out, you know where to go! Thank you again for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow every weekday at 8am on #1250whnz!

Joining us first was Jim McPeak, Expert Contributor from McPeak Real Estate Firm. Jim and Jamie discussed the new happenings with McPeak Real Estate Firm, and their growing base! Wes also tuned into the conversation, telling us how Grow Financial used to be known as MacDill Credit Union, serving the servicemen of MacDill Air Force Base here in Tampa Bay, and eventually growing to serve most of Florida. They have a new connection, Friends of Military Families, which Jim was very keen on joining! Jim is a retired Airman from the Air Force, and supports Veterans of the military. McPeak Real Estate Firm prides itself on having several Veterans as agents who know the VA process of purchasing a home inside and out, and are always ready to serve our nation’s serviceman and women. (Round of applause for McPeak Real Estate Firm and Jim McPeak). Jim and Jamie discussed a few of the newest happenings, agreeing that the current economical status in Florida is ripe for opportunities of investment! If you have any questions or comments, or wish to involve yourself in the real estate market, contact Jim McPeak at McPeak Real Estate Firm! 813-495-3875 or at

Next, joining Jamie and Jim on #ThatBusinessShow was Wes Strickland, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union. Wes is an established marketing executive with more than 25 years of marketing experience in both financial services and the software and technology industry. Throughout his marketing career, Wes has been able to lead companies from rudimentary marketing efforts to more sophisticated branding and target marketing by leveraging innovative technologies to drive success. He spoke with us about the future of Grow Financial Federal Credit Union, and how they are moving towards out of state expansion! Through specific marketing re branding, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union has maintained nearly constant expansion. He spoke to us about the nature of a Federal Credit Union, and how it is different from a conventional bank. You can learn more about Grow Financial Federal Credit Union and Wes Strickland, Senior Vice President of Marketing at

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