Important Financial Advisory and Sleeping With The Fishes on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Mark Haney and Lauren Silva

Welcome to #ThatBusinessShow with your Host, Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am! Ever been interested in coming on the show as a guest to share your business or your story with our viewers? Drop us a line on, we love hearing from the community! Today, Jamie invited two very interesting guests to speak to our listeners, Expert Contributor Lauren Silva, Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial; and Mark Haney, Vice President of Advancement with The Florida Aquarium! We had a great discussion here on #ThatBusinessShow, and if you missed the live session, head over to to listen to any of our shows on demand! Also, you can see all of our past guests and connect to them through the guest network panel!

Our first guest here on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni was Mark Haney, Vice President of Advancement with The Florida Aquarium. Mark handles all of the fundraising efforts with the aquarium, communicating with individuals and companies that wish to donate to the aquarium and support their efforts to provide a wonderful learning atmosphere to our community! Mark spoke to us about how they are about to break yet another record, of almost 800,000 visitors in this year alone! Celebrating their 20th anniversary, they have raised nearly 15 Million dollars in their Rising Tides Campaign! Their conservation efforts have certainly impacted our local ecosystem, fostering relationships with local industry to maintain clean waters and ensure the continued beauty of Florida’s ecosystem! Mark spoke to us a little about the inner workings of the aquarium, much due to a curious Jamie Meloni about the sharks. Who doesn’t love sharks though? The aquarium has a team of surgeons and state of the art equipment to care for the medical needs of the fish, and Mark mentioned a huge salt water filtering system – all in efforts to make the aquarium a better place for both animals and visitors alike! The Florida Aquarium has been an integral part of our community for the past 20 years, and they will continue to grow and educate our community! So check out to purchase tickets and support our community, and learn more about their upcoming events!

Our second guest on this morning’s episode of #ThatBusinessShow was Expert Contributor and Financial Advior, Lauren Silva with Ameriprise Financial. Lauren is a holistic financial advisor, which means that she believes in the balance of personal and financial wellness,and that the two are intertwined. She spoke to Jamie of how being financially well does have significant impact on your personal health, how it can lower your stress and worry levels, and bring peace to your mind! Which I think we can all agree on is pretty true. Lauren’s focus is a tailored approach per client which focuses on all of the aspects in their life, not just their investment portfolio – giving Lauren a better picture of how to advise the client further to make adjustments that will benefit their future! Lauren isn’t afraid to have the hard conversations needed to really change someone’s financial status – which certainly sets her apart! Lauren and Jamie spoke about her upcoming seminar, “Strong Women, Powerful Financial Strategies” which covers gaining control over your financial situation, and helping women make more informed financial decisions, weighing the risks and managing their investments properly! So make sure to head to to learn more about her upcoming events! You can contact Lauren at

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