Curing Addiction and Turning A Tragedy into Miracles – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Tim Sweeney And Karen Mertes

Welcome back to #MorningsWithMeloni on #ThatBusinessShow! After a long Labor Day weekend, its good to come back to the regular flow of things, so thank you for including #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz at 8am every weekday into your morning routine. Today, the show took a bit of a more personal turn. We had on our first segment Tim Sweeney, J.D., CCJAP of Sweeney Interventions, an intervention company that dedicates itself to people who suffer from addiction, and what the correct path for the person is. Joining us for the second segment, we had Karen Mertes, an honorably retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with Fulfill Your Destiny. Fulfill Your Destiny is a charity dedicated to helping others in the Tampa Bay Area! Remember, #ThatBusinessShow is on #1250whnz every weekday, and on the show we have guests on who are impacting the Tampa Bay and surrounding community, and who are successful entrepreneurs, so if you’re interested in coming on the show, send me a message on!

On the first segment, we had Tim Sweeney, J.D., CCJAP of Sweeney Interventions. Tim Sweeney is a Florida-licensed attorney and Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional. Sweeney Interventions helps families across the country intervene upon their loved ones to engage in recovery from addiction. Tim has performed over 200 successful interventions and 150 Marchman Act civil commitments. On the show, Tim discussed the nuances of his company,and how they are different from your typical intervention group or an AA meeting. Tim prides himself on getting real results, with a 98% success rate! Tim was telling us some pretty wild stories of people trying to escape their addiction help! Very interesting content on #ThatBusinessShow, and you can find out all about Tim Sweeney and Sweeney Interventions at or email him at!

Joining us on #ThatBusinessShow was also Karen Mertes, an honorably retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with Fulfill Your Destiny. Karen has an amazing story. She suffered a massive car accident involving a drunk driver. Near death and with a massive brain injury, she vowed to help others if she survived, and that’s how Fulfill Your Destiny was created. Fulfill Your Destiny is dedicated to helping others in our community become successful, or helping them out in order to give them the tools to live a better and happier life. Whether its helping a young child with school or giving a foster child their own car, Fulfill Your Destiny does some real good for the Tampa Bay community. Karen discussed her new book with us, Plaintiff 101, coming out on Amazon next Tuesday! Karen and Jamie also discussed the process for people to go through if they suffer a tragic accident like she did. But all that valuable information is in her new book, Plaintiff 101. So check that out! You can also learn more about Karen and Fulfill Your Destiny at, or email her at!

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