Show Recap – Resource for Entrepreneurs Needing Capital and Empowering the Disabled

#ThatBusinessShow welcomed Erica Drake, Founder and CEO of Maverick Entrepreneurs, on the first half of today’s show.  Maverick Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial educational and cloud-based funding platform designed to aid entrepreneurs with raising capital properly and effectively.  Erica has over 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience and is also the author of The Maverick Battle Guide to Raising Capital, a 350 textbook full of resources and instructions on how to raise capital and grow your product or service.  Erica shares with the audience a brief overview of the Maverick 3-Step / 3 Option solution to helping raise capital and assisting investors with finding the ideal investment.  Maverick also has a network of over 4000 accredited investors and Erica describes it as Match.Com for the investor and the entrepreneur.  Erica and I discussed some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make when seeking capital including not seeking enough and ending up under-funded.  She also shares with us that the more money one is seeking, the more availability and interest there is from investors but stressed that without a proper business plan and solid financials, no investor will take the entrepreneur seriously.  Interested in learn how to raise capital for your project?  Check our the Maverick Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, next one is August 1st, 2nd and 3rd in St. Petersburg and you can attend via webcam.  After that, you will be part of an extensive network of resources and will enjoy access to weekly free meetings from like-minded individuals to help your business move along.  Learn more at or contact Erica at 727-557-5779 or email at!

Stuart Pinnock, President of Life Enabling Technologies, joined the 2nd half of the show.  Stuart is a Military Veteran and Accountant turned entrepreneur and was a fitting addition to the show today as he is budding inventor looking now to raise capital for his products.  He has patented two devices for wheelchairs to aid in the users independence.  One is a retractable tray table, like the ones in airplane seats and the 2nd is a remote controlled backpack that swings a backpack from back to front at the push of a button.  I was amazed there was no tray tables on the market for wheelchairs as was Stuart when he saw the opportunity.  Stuart explains the need for more wheelchair accessories and that the market is not supplying ample and effective products designed to aid the disabled.  Stuart hopes to bring other beneficial products to market and his next idea is a rain cover to protect the electronic devices from damage when a disabled person is caught in the rain.  Erica was very excited by his drive and passion and ingenuity of the products and encouraged him to seek funding to help bring these products to the market – they are available now only by special order and will take time to build and customize.  Stuart is open to investors looking for involvement but wants investors that care and see the vision of empowering the disabled and not just the bottom line.  Learn more about Stuart and the company at and contact Stuart at 305-803-6921 or email at!

Erica Drake Stuart Pinnock