That Business Show Recap 05-21-2015 Featuring Aakash Patel and Yeager and Company with Charlie the Plumber

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Aakash Patel opened the show today and is the President/Founder of Elevate, Inc., a public relations company he founded in 2012.  Aakash is considered to be one of the most connected people in Tampa and he and Elevate work with business owners to help them Learn, Connect and Grow.  Through his extensive network of contacts, Aakash is able to help get  your company in front of people that help grow your business.  Aakash also shared with us why #TampaHasSwagger, and spoke of the importance of hashtag campaigns such as #TampaHasSwagger and how they can help business owners grow their online presence.  Aakash is an active member of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Vistage Tampa Downtown Partnership, Seminole Torchbearers and Washington Leadership Program as well as involved in many other organizations.  He stays very connected to the University of Tampa and is a graduate of Florida State University.  Aakash is available to sit down and discuss ways he can help your business Learn, Connect and Grow and can be reached at 850-591-0208 or email at and learn more at!

On the 2nd half of the show, Charlie the Plumber took center stage as part of the Remodeler’s Corner, a weekly feature brought to us by Yeager and Company, a third generation flooring and remodeling company based in Odessa, Florida.  Learn more about them at  Charlie. Aakash and I discussed how to brand Charlie online and gave him the Hashtag campaign of #AmericanPlumber with the hope that in a year’s time Charlie will have a brand that will resonate across Tampa and be involved in some of the Military Events around the community as he is a Marine and very committed to the American way of life.  Charlie also touches on some stories from his days as a professional wrestler and does not offend too many people on this segment.  Be sure to tweet and tag #AmericanPlumber when following the show and also use #ThatBusinessShow to help grow and promote the show!

Aakash Patel Charlie Paleveda Jim Yeager

That Business Show Recap 05-20-2015 Featuring Carole Sanek and Lisa Emmons

That Business Show grows more and more each day and today was no different.  The show and myself will be featured in an upcoming article in The Business Observer as I was interviewed by the Paper after today’s show.  Look for it in the Business Observer which comes out on Fridays in the next 1-2 weeks and be sure to listen live weekdays at 8am on 1250 WHNZ or anywhere in the country on the iHeart Media app or at!

Today was Working Women Wednesdays brought to us by the influential Tampa Bay based networking group, Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Jessica Rivelli, CEO and Founder, opened up the show with a promotion for the upcoming Fashion Show Birthday Brunch being held May 29th at  Ruth Eckerd Hall from 9 to 11 am.  This is in celebration of the group’s 6 year anniversary.  Space is still available and for more information, visit and click on events.  There you will see the event and many more to get involved with!

Carole Sanek was the next guest on the program.  Carole is the CEO of Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC and the creator of the podcast The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show.  She has a background in Real Estate which led her to blogging and from blogging to the use of social media as a tool to promote her blogs.  She is an award winning blogger having written blogs on breast cancer awareness/prevention and now focuses on social media through her Butterfly Blog located at  We discussed her business and she shares with us tips on proper social media use for businesses.  She stressed the importance of blogging and email marketing for business owners because they are pieces of “real estate” that they own essentially.  Social media platforms while effective can be taken away from a user if the platform deems inappropriate content or usage of the site and you, the business owner, could lose years of work and many followers.  Blogging and email campaigns are your own property and an effective tool for business owners to grow and promote their businesses.  Carole is also a podcaster and her podcast, The Crazy Marketing Lady, can be found on iTunes as well.  Carole can be reached at 352-540-0177 or email at for more information and be sure to visit her website for more tips on social media and to follow her blog!

On the 2nd half of the show, Lisa Emmons, Image Consultant and Founder of Posh Image Consulting was in studio.  Lisa’s training and certifications come from the Fashion Stylist Institute in San Francisco and she is certified as an Image Consultant, Color Consultant, Wardrobe Stylist and Elite Personal Shopper. She also serves as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) and just recently became an Ambassador for Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Lisa and I talk about ways to present yourself in an interview or in the dating scene and we share some good laughs as this is an area I am lacking in, with regard to image and style.  Posh Image Consulting services help with job opportunities, promotions, presentations, gain more clients, dating, improve social status, gain self-confidence, feel empowered, and feel magnificent.  Lisa is actively engaged with the Fashion Show Birthday Brunch on May 29th as part of the Working Women of Tampa Bay’s Birthday celebration and is available to assist you, both men and women, in enhancing your image.  Learn more at and reach out to Lisa directly at 813-579-8840 or email at!

Jessica Rivelli Carole Sanek Lisa Emmons

That Business Show Recap 05-19-2015 Featuring Lynn Wise and Michelle Turman

Start your morning off on a positive note each weekday morning at 8am on 1250WHNZ by tuning in to That Business Show with Jamie Meloni which promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and supports our local business owners by giving them a voice on the air each day.  You can watch or listen to the show live at or anywhere in the world on the iHeart Media app on your smartphone.

Lynn Wise, Expert Contributor to That Business Show and Founder of Wise Business Advisors, called in at the top of the hour on today’s show to discuss one of her many services she offers to Contractors.  Lead generation is an that confounds many contractors as they focus on doing the job each and every day in the field but neglect the back end of their businesses which include the marketing among many others.  Lynn assists Contractors in lead generation through the use of social media and will work with Contractors to generate a lead funnel to your Facebook fan page utilizing some techniques and tips she has picked up through experience and study.  This along with assistance in the areas of customer service, marketing plans, and website design and consultations are just a few of the many areas that Lynn and Wise Business Advisors are available to assist you in as a Contractor hard at work in the Tampa Bay Region.  Lynn offers Contractors who mention that you heard her on the radio a free consultation on ways she can help grow and support your business.  Reach our to her today at 772-834-8513 or email at Lynn@WiseBA.Com and visit for more information!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Michelle Turman, Principal Consultant and Founder of Catalyst Consulting Services.  Michelle’s company assists non-profit companies in growth and planning and every organization, whether large or small, requires change at some point to continue its growth. Day to day operations can make it difficult for an organization to undertake the tasks of stimulating, facilitating and coordinating the change effort and that is where Michelle and Catalyst Consulting Services comes in.  They offer assistance in many areas from organizational review and assessment to operations management and she noted that the typical consultation takes about 6-8 months of involvement to effect change.  Michelle also spent 13 years in museum management and curated many exhibits and worked with the company that found the RMS Titanic.  She personally handled many of the artifacts brought up and we discuss this as well as how to involve more women in leadership roles through the mentoring process and she touches on a program at USF that is geared towards assisting young women through mentoring programs.  Michelle is available to assist you with non-profit guidance and can be reached at 813-839-2282 or email at and learn more at!

Lynn Wise Michelle Turman

That Business Show Recap 05-18-2015 Featuring Karen McAllister

That Business Show enters week 16 today – airing weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and live anywhere in the world via the iHeart Media app on your smart phone or live online at

On the first half of today’s show, I welcomed Karen McAllister, Media Relations Manager with AT&T.  Karen serves the Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida area as Media Relations Manager and has 20+years of experience in journalism and managing news websites.  Karen and I kicked off the show with a discussion of hurricane readiness tips for small business owners and I recalled a story from 2004 when the Tampa Bay region experienced a severe storm season from my days in industry at Cargill, later renamed to Mosaic, in which inadequate engineering led to a breach of the acidic pond water system on the site and the storm’s rains caused the water to overflow from the gypsum stacks upon which it sat and ran into the Alafia River.  This environmental disaster cost the company millions in fines and re-engineering and is an example of a business that was not “hurricane ready”   Businesses need to prepare for the hurricane season just as a homeowner does and Karen and I discuss several other tips for the listeners.  On the 2nd segment, we discussed AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign which is  national campaign geared towards young adults and getting them to take a pledge against texting and driving.  Karen frequently discusses the topic with the youth in our schools and she shared with us the AT&T mobile app that senses when you are driving and restricts incoming text messages and replies to them with a message telling the person that you are driving and will reply when you are stopped.  #X was mentioned and is a national social media campaign pushed by AT&T that when used tells the user that you are driving and will pick up the conversation later.  Karen McAllister is available for media interviews on mobile technology and products and any media questions related to AT&T and can be reached at 813-205-7742 or email at

Karen McAllister

That Business Show Recap 05-15-2015 Featuring Debra Palmer and Robert Bruner

Today marks the end of the 15th week of That Business Show with Jamie Meloni and its been a blast talking to new business owners each and every day on this program.  The show airs weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and is available anywhere in the world via the iHeart Media app on your smart phone as well as!

The first half of the show was all about documenting and inventorying your home or business to protect yourself against tragedy or theft in the event of a loss.  Debra Palmer, Certified Inventory Specialist and Owner of Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals was in studio to discuss this topic which is the focal point of her business.  Debra is a lifelong entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay area going back to 1988 and in 2013 was introduced to the concept of 3rd party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry.  Her research convinced her of the need for more of this in our area and Debra launched her company which was her 3rd startup business in the entrepreneurial path.  We discussed this and much more on the show including how she inventories/documents items for owners and her cloud based inventory system which anyone who uses her services will have access to for easy off site reference of assets from checking on serial numbers of an asset to verification of personal belongings in the event of an insurance claim.  Debra stressed the importance of privacy when she deals with the belongings of her clients and takes great care in ensuring prompt and accurate documentation of your assets.  Learn more about Debra and her business at and contact her today at 813-308-9727 or email at to assist you with your home/business inventory services!

Robert Bruner, Owner of West Florida Locks and Security was in studio for the 2nd half of the show.  Robert aka Bob specializes in locksmith services and we discussed his profession and I picked up some great information on this segment about locks in general.  Bob and his company pride themselves on professional and courteous service to their clients and offer 24/7 Emergency Services.  Bob discussed this and shared some great tips that consumers need to be aware of from the quality of some of the different lock providers to the prevalence of “lock bumping” a security concern that people need to be aware of.  Family owned and operated, West Florida Locks specializes in residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services.  They proudly serve all of the Tampa Bay Area, including Hillsborough, Sarasota, Pinellas and Pasco counties and are prepared for any kind of lockout or rekey situation.  Learn more at or call 813-280-0017 for locksmith services today, available 24/7!

Debra Palmer Robert Bruner

That Business Show Recap 05-14-2015 Featuring Dr. Rahul Mehra and Yeager & Company

That Business Show weekdays at 8am on 1250 WHNZ and streamed live on the internet at  Please connect with me at twitter @Jamie_meloni and look me up on Facebook at for all the show updates and upcoming guests.

On the first half of the show, I welcomed Dr. Rahul Mehra, Chief Medical Officer and CEO of Mehra Vista Health.  Dr. Mehra has an extensive medical background and is a board certified adolescent and adult psychiatrist and a 1992 graduate of the USF Morsani College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry residency program.  We spoke today about MehraVistaHealth, LLC and the assistance and services this company offers to employees ranging from stress management to drug/alcohol counseling and grief assistance.  Through the companies employee assistance programs, MehraVistaHealth is able to assist employers in reducing labor costs by up to 25% through increased productivity through these counseling assistance programs.  We touched on the company’s history and launch and discussed some of the issues facing the work force today including the effects of stress and the importance of proper health and exercise in controlling the negative effects of stress both at home and in the workplace.  Employers interested in learning more can review many of the FAQs at and can reach out to Dr. Mehra at 813-215-2019 for more information on setting up an employee assistance program within their organization!

The 2nd half of the show was The Remodeler’s Corner, brought to us by Yeager and Company, a 3rd generation flooring and remodeling company based in Odessa, FL and founded over 70 years ago.  Charlie the Plumber joined us in studio and Jim brought in his background check specialist, Patrick Lee with PDK Investigations.  After a costly mistake resulting from an inferior background check service, Jim sought out the services of a licensed private investigator to assist in their background checks of employees and sub-contractors that they use in their business.  Patrick explains to us that as a Private Investigator, he has access to many databases that the Internet based services do not and his searches are much more detailed and in depth.  Patrick has an extensive 20 year career in private investigations and served in Law Enforcement prior to that in Charleston, SC and is well versed in the field of security.  Learn more at on his services and be sure to visit for all your flooring and remodeling needs!

Rahul Mehra Jim Yeager Charlie Paleveda (Small)