That Business Show Recap 05-27-2015 Featuring Deborah Neff

Today marked another #WorkingWomenWednesdays feature brought to us by the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group and Founder/CEO Jessica Rivelli.  Jessica checked in at the top of the hour with an announcement on the expansion of the networking group into Dallas.  Currently at over 700 members in the Bay Area and Orlando, this is a group to get involved with in the area.  Jessica and I also touched on the shows popularity amongst female audiences and she points out that many women want a positive message in the morning, something #ThatBusinessShow brings to the airwaves each and every weekday morning at 8am on 1250 WHNZ!  Learn more at!

Deborah Neff, Director of Operations with Tampa Bay Wave, joined me in studio as the guest for the rest of the show.  Tampa Bay Wave is a business accelerator that assists entrepreneurs in the tech industry with growth and support in their business endeavors.  Through a National grant, Tampa Bay Wave has been able to grow substantially over the past 6 years and assist many budding entrepreneurs through this program.  Deborah shares with me some of the success stories of people in the area that have benefited from Tampa Bay Wave including a local skateboarder who has designed a skateboard that runs off of an app on your smartphone and known as a Marbel board.  I was very curious about this invention and look forward to an introduction to the founder in the near future.  Deborah also touches on her role and involvement with Startup Week that goes on in Tampa at the start of the year and about Tampa Bay Wave’s upcoming move highlighting their growth and expansion.  If you’re a tech company in need of guidance in your business, reach out to Deborah Neff today.  She can be reached at 866-Wave066 or email at and learn more at!

Deborah Neff

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