That Business Show Recap 04-28-2015 Featuring Lynn Wise and Susan Mell

Today on That Business Show, Expert Contributor Lynn Wise Founder of  Wise Business Advisors opened the show to discuss her latest business endeavor, on demand business services.  Lynn’s business caters to the contractors and she has over 35 years of experience working in this industry and is the author of Build It,  Grow It, Sell It, Nine Steps to a Thriving Contracting Business.  Her knowledge and expertise transfer overs to this business model where she can help you, the contractor, grow your business by handling the back end while you are in the field doing what you do best, working!  Lynn is also launching new workshops that will teach contractors how to focus on recurring revenue and discusses some of the lost opportunities that contractors miss out on during this show.  Lynn is available for more information by visiting her website at or contact her directly at 772-834-8513 or email at!

On the 2nd half of the show, I spoke with Susan Mell, Regional Developer with The Entrepreneur’s Source.  The Entrepreneurs Source is a resource for people who want to start a business to find coaching and guidance in the field of franchise businesses.  This is a free service to potential business owners and through Susan’s help, she assists with coaching you on what business is right for you as well as guides you with help in financing with many special programs available.  With the growing demand from people wanted to be self-sufficient in all areas of their lives including their careers, this is another great resource for potential business owners to explore.  Susan is available for further discussion via email at and phone at 813-862-0218, and be sure to visit her website at for more information!

Lynn Wise Susan Mell


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