That Business Show Recap 04-27-2015 Featuring Eric Higgs and Anna Vanlandingham

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On today’s show, I welcomed Eric Higgs on the first half.  Eric is the CEO of LumaStream, a company dedicated to providing low cost, efficient energy solutions through the use of LED lighting.  Eric launched this company in 2009 after being tasked with providing a lighting display for a city block in Tampa.  The lighting that was to be used was going to pull in over 20,000 watts/day and he knew there had to be a better solution.  Through research and ingenuity, Eric was able to do the project with LED lighting with an energy usage of only 830 watts/day.  After that project, Eric launched LumaStream and now over 5 years later has grown it into a company with 35 employees and many business clients as well as a relationship with St. Petersburg College.  Eric talks on this show about the cost savings and environmental benefits of LED lighting usage with savings of between 40-90 percent over traditional lighting sources.  Business owners looking to put a dent in their energy bills and help the environment on top of that need to contact Eric and LumaStream for a consultation.  Learn more at and call Eric at 727-827-2805 or email at!

On the 2nd half of the show, Anna Vanlandingham, Owner of Pinterest Pro Solutions, joined me in studio.  Anna is on the entrepreneurial path following a successful award-winning career in the field of Economics and has founded Pinterest Pro Solutions 3 years ago.  Pinterest is an online social media platform that people “pin” their “interests” on so to speak hence the name pinterest and grew out of the Midwest with mostly homemakers using initially to share recipes and other household tips.  Pinterest has since grown to cater to business owners now with the idea that these pins can be ads for your business designed to direct consumers to your website and Anna’s business is to help business owners with the effective use of Pinterest.  Ann shares with us effective marketing techniques for business owners and the use of mapping pins and much more on this segment and I learned a great deal myself about this social media platform.  Anna is available for a consultation to discuss your business and how she can assist you with this platform via phone at 407-421-3541 or email at and be sure to learn more at!

Eric Higgs Anna Vanlandingham

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