That Business Show Recap 04-24-2015 Featuring Amy Jacobs

Happy Friday and a great show to end the 12th week of That Business, weekdays at 8am on 1250 WHNZ!!

Today on the show, I welcomed Amy Jacobs, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Fidgit Shoppe.  Amy and her mother, Ingrid, make blankets designed to give comfort to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and was inspired by their personal experience with this disease after Amy’s father was afflicted with Alzheimers.  The blankets have different designs on them and different gadgets and components that patients can “fidgit” with and keeps them comforted.  Response from patients and caregivers dealing with this disease has been extremely strong and these blankets are available for sale at and you can request personalized designs as well by emailing Amy directly at

Amy works as a trauma/ICU nurse and has a deep background in the medical industry and has worked at hospitals in Stanford, Yale/New Haven and now Tampa General.  Amy shares a lot of personal information on her families plight with Alzheimers and we discuss the aspects of Alzheimers disease as well as tips to deal with patients effectively.   This is a great show with lots of information on Alzheimers Disease and a definite must hear show .  Learn more at and contact Amy directly at for more information!

Amy Jacobs

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