That Business Show Recap 04-20-2015 Featuring Frank Motola

Happy Monday!  Today I started the week off on a great note with Frank Motola, Founder of Brandtastic.  Brandtastic is a small but powerful agency with over 30 years of experience and Frank demystifies what it really takes to get better results on the web. He is one of the few “real” experts on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has an extensive track record of delivering top results for all of Brandtastic’s clients.

We talked primarily about SEO and what website owners need to be aware of to properly position their website for maximum exposure online.  With 95% of searchers not going past the first results page of Google, website owners need to spend time developing a proper SEO plan.  Frank and Brandtastic assist clients with this as well as much more outside of SEO including brand development, website design, and marketing.

Frank talks about the importance of meta tags, citations and sitemaps as well as how blogging and social media work in conjunction with a strong online presence with your website.  We also touch on some of the many SEO scams that consumers need to be aware of and I get a lot of great tips on some of the areas of improvement that I can capitalize on with my own website

To contact Frank, reach out to him directly at 813-441-0275 or email at and learn more at!

Frank Motola