That Business Show Recap 03-31-2015 Featuring Dr. Amir Daoud and Diane Egner

Today on That Business Show, I welcomed two accomplished entrepreneurs in studio to discuss their businesses and inspirations and got a lot of great information out of each of the guests.

The first guest was Dr. Amir Daoud, Dentist and owner of Feather Sound Smiles.  Dr. Daoud recently opened the operation in October 2014 but is highly experienced in the field of dentistry and speaks of his two trips through dentistry school on the show.  The first one in London, and then having to start all over in America to get a license to practice in the United States, a difference of about $300,000 between the educational cost in London vs the increased cost in the United States.  Dr. Daoud’s practice is located at 2325 Ulmerton Road Suite 27 in Clearwater, FL 33762 and they can be reached at 727-561-0800 for an appointment.  Dr. Daoud takes great care by giving each patient lots of time to discuss the best course of action and only sees one patient at a time so there is no running around the office from patient to patient.  They use the latest technology in the industry as well including lasers as opposed to drills and can even do some procedures without anesthetic given the new technology. Dr. Daoud offers a $59 new patient experience, so please contact them at 727-561-0800 to schedule an appointment today!

My second guest on the show was the Publisher and Managing Editor of 83 Degrees Media, Diane Egner.  Diane Egner is an award-winning journalist with more than three decades of experience writing about the Tampa Bay region and launched this new media platform in 2009 with the focus being on positive events surrounding the Tampa Bay community.  Diane speaks of her transition from traditional media to this new business and some of her inspirations from around the Tampa Bay region.  Diane also invites anyone in the community with a story worth telling to reach out to her and let her know, she wants to help you get your message out as do I.  You can subscribe to the online publication free of charge via the subscribe link at the website and can submit story ideas to her staff by emailing or

Amir Daoud Diane Egner

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