That Business Show Recap 03-16-2015 Featuring Heidi Honea and David Osterweil

Happy Monday and I got off to a great weekly start featuring two accomplished business professionals from our community today.  First on the show was Heidi Honea, owner of the Great Hope Preschool located in Wesley Chapel, FL.  Heidi has recently taken over ownership of this school and is focused on re-branding and development at this time.  Her mission is to provide quality preschool while supporting and working side by side with families. Great Hope Preschool was established for the working families in the Wesley Chapel community and has been in operation since 2002.  Heidi spoke to us about the curriculum and her inspiration in transitioning her career to a life in education.  Learn more about their programs at or contact Heidi direct at  813-323-8030 or email at

Our 2nd guest on the show today was David Osterweil, Founder of Fitlife Foods, a Tampa based restaurant focused on healthy living with 7 locations in the Bay area.  David brought in a number of delicious healthy food samples and spoke of his journey to entrepreneurship and the challenges he faced.  We got a lot of great information on healthy eating and learned of a local connection between Fitlife Foods and The Amazing Race television program whereby one of the contestants has only been eating Fitlife Foods for months in preparation for the challenge.  Fitlife Foods offers a free meal consultation for people interested in losing weight or just being healthier eaters and the program is only 23.00/month plus meals.  You can pick up meals for the week and be prepared to eat healthy while living a busy on the go lifestyle with Fitlife Foods.  Learn more about David and this amazing business at or email David for more information at!

Heidi HoneaDavid Osterweil