That Business Show Recap 02-20-2015 Featuring Chris Krimitsos and Steve Gavatorta

Today was an amazing and highly entertaining show featuring two great guests.  First up was Chris Krimitsos, Founder of the Tampa Bay Business Owners Group to discuss his latest project – the launch of StoryJam Theater, a podcast that promotes great stories from the community.  Chris told some great stories himself on the show today including the lesson learned at a young age from his Uncle Jimmy about understanding your value and not letting customers that do not value your product or service to control too much of your business.  He also told a great story about a young video producer from Orlando that missed a huge opportunity over making an emotional decision stressing the importance to think logically when analyzing business opportunities.  Learn more about Chris at or contact him directly at 813-489-5585 or email at  Also, help support his Podcast on iTunes and search for StoryJam Theater!

On the 2nd half of the show was Steve Gavatorta, a business consultant, trainer, and coach and author of the book The Reach Out Approach, A Communication Process for Initiating, Developing and Leveraging Mutually Rewarding Relationships. Steve spoke of the importance of developing trust in relationships and we spoke at great length about the use of DISC profiles which analyze personality traits of people and how they can be used as an effective tool to consult with business owners when dealing with staff, or analyzing business counterparts.  Chris contributed some great insight and stories to this segment as well and you can learn more about Steve at his website or contact him at 813-908-1343 or email at and ask him how he can help you in your business!

Chris KrimitsosSteve Gavatorta

That Business Show Recap 02-19-2015 Featuring Karen Rowe and Jim Yeager

Today’s show was very entertaining as I had the pleasure of welcoming Karen Rowe and Jim Yeager to the show today. Karen Rowe is a writer and owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She turns business owners into authors and establishes them as the expert in their industry. She does all the work and they get all the glory.Karen spends her time in the shadows and has published the stories of a retired FBI agent, a reality TV star and a motion picture actor. The biggest problem of writing a book is … writing the book. It’s time consuming and a chore. She solves that by writing the book for you and doing it 10x faster.  Reach out to Karen Rowe at or phone at 813-357-4956.  You can also email her at

On the 2nd part of the show was the weekly feature, The Remodeler’s Corner with Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company.  Jim brought with him Charlie Palaveda (Charlie the Plumber) who is a regular caller to many radio shows in the Tampa Bay region and a very entertaining character.  He spoke of his past Wrestling career and service in the Marines of which Jim Yeager is also a Marine.  After an entertaining opening with Charlie, he spoke of some preventative maintenance you need to be aware of with your water heater and also spoke about the benefits of tankless systems and some information that consumers need to be aware of for these types of systems.  Yeager and Company is a third generation family owned business based in Odessa, Florida and is a full service Contracting company.  Jim also offers listeners of That Business Show a special offer on flooring, just mention you heard him on the radio.  Learn more at or phone at 727-375-7813 or email at!

Karen RoweJim Yeager


That Business Show Recap 02-18-2015 Featuring Elton Rivas and Sarah K. Asaftei

On That Business Show, I welcomed Elton Rivas, Co-Founder of the National Crowd Funding Festival known as One Spark.  This event is being held in Jacksonville from April 7th to the 12th and connects entrepreneurs, artists and other business creators with the resources they need to turn their dreams into reality.  This is the 3rd year of the event and already it is attracting tons of interest with over 150,000 people expected at the event along with an All-Star panel of speakers at the Speaker Forum.  Registration is still available for creators, sponsors and volunteers.  Learn more about this event at or reach out to Elton and his team at 904-254-7004 or email at Creators@OneSpark.Com.

Next on the show, I spoke with Brand Strategist and entrepreneur Sarah K. Asaftei.  Sarah’s company, SKA Media Productions creates story-driven campaigns for foundations and double or triple bottom line companies who are making massive social impact and want to let people know.  Sarah spoke of the importance of having “one face” in your life, meaning be who you are in both your personal and professional life.  She also spoke of double line and triple line companies as those companies that look at more than just the one bottom line (net income).  Companies with a focus on double line and triple line values add “impact” and “environment” to their “normal bottom lines” and this idea is oftentimes explored by Sarah in her blog and her upcoming book.  Sarah has produced & directed more than 150 story videos internationally, from city-wide message campaigns to global satellite TV network shows, and recently directed a music video which was officially nominated for Video of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Gospel Music Awards’s.  Sarah is available to assist you and your company with a branding strategy through story driven campaigns and you can learn more about Sarah at or phone at 478-361-7973.  Email her at

Elton RivasSarah K Asaftei


That Business Show Recap 02-17-2015 Featuring Dylan Sellberg and Meredith Rodgers

Today was another informative and entertaining show featuring two Rock Star business professionals.  Meredith Rodgers spoke of the entrepreneurial path that took her out of corporate America and into her own business Atlast!  Her company has 4 all natural products designed for pest, flea, and tick prevention.  The Atlast products rely on a Cedar based solution that is not chemical and does not carry many of the health hazards associated with the common products we see in the marketplace.  Her products can be found in Whole Foods and she has been featured on a variety of programs promoting this great product.    Learn more about this fascinating product at or contact Meredith directly at

Also joining me in studio today was Dylan Sellberg, Marketing Director of Advluence.  Dylan is a young and highly accomplished marketing enthusiast that is very in touch with the marketing niches of the Millennial generation.  He is a Marketing chairmember on the Board of Counselors at the University of Tampa and his work has been featured in USA Today, Nadiga Lundtan Economics Magazine and in several local publications.  He has a Masters Degree in Marketing and Brand Management from Lund University in Sweden.  Learn more about Dylan at or contact him at 860-978-4080 or email at to see how he can assist you with your marketing needs.

Dylan SellbergMeredith Rodgers


That Business Show Recap 02-16-2015 Featuring Ali Walter

Happy President’s Day to everyone!  While many are enjoying a day off, it was business as usual at That Business Show with Jamie Meloni.

In studio today, I welcomed business consultant Ali Walter, owner of Ali Ann and Company.  As a business advisor and profit strategist through her consulting firm, Ali Ann & Co., Ali helps small business owners master their productivity, profitability and purpose. She achieves this through various solutions such as turn-key system development, process streamlining and profit margin analysis. Having experienced burnout in several of her past businesses, Ali also learned the hard way what happens when you live to work. She has an unwavering focus to help business owners master the balance of life and business. The driving force behind everything Ali does – help clients achieve profitable businesses AND balanced, happier lives.  Ali spoke of her successes turning around an asphalt company that was struggling in 2007 and turned them into a thriving company 5 years later resulting in sales increases of over 1,225%.  Ali has assisted many business owners and can help yours as well.  Reach out to Ali Walter at her website or by phone at 727-729-1394.  Her email address is

Ali Walter

That Business Show Week 2 – In Studio Photos

That Business Show Recap 02-13-2015 Featuring Rupert Meghnot and Malcolm Tennant

On today’s show, I spoke first with Rupert Meghnot, CEO of Burnout Game Ventures based in Orlando, Florida.  Rupert has 35+ years of entrepreneurial experience and has helped develop over 200 firms through the development processes.  His primary focus has been in high-tech start-ups – doing business planning, project management, product development, capital acquisition, operations & marketing consulting and is a recipient of the Orlando Business Journal’s “40-Under-40″ Award.  He was a University Professor spending 6 years teaching aspiring game producers good project management skills at the Masters Degree level.  He invites anyone with a gaming vision and idea to reach out to him at 407-448-0812 or email at  You can also learn more about him and his company through

Also featured on today’s program was Chief Operating Officer of Access Reverse Mortgage, Malcolm Tennant.  Malcolm and his firm specialize in only Reverse Mortgages and his company has overseen the funding of over 1000 Reverse Mortgage since inception.  They are a family owned business based in St. Petersburg, Florida and personally meet with all applicants to discuss Reverse Mortgages oftentimes in their homes.  Malcolm discussed many of the myths of the industry and touched on some changes on the horizon within the industry.  Reverse Mortgages are also a tool for purchasing new homes as well so if you are a candidate or interested in learning more about Reverse Mortgages, reach out to Malcolm Tennant via phone at 727-347-0305 or email at and learn more at

Rupert MeghnotMalcolm Tennant