That Business Show Recap 02-26-2015 Featuring Kimberly Wilson and Jim Yeager

Today on That Business Show, I had the pleasure of welcoming Kimberly Wilson, Director of Innovation at The Lutz Learning Center.  The Lutz Learning Center is a family owned private school that specializes in non-traditional educational methods for children aged 2 through 8th grade.  Kimberly is a 2nd generation family member and former student at this school which was founded by her Mother as an alternative to the public school system that they felt lacked the resources necessary to properly educate her children.  Kimberly Wilson and The Lutz Learning Center are strong educational advocates and highly involved in the educational process both publically and privately.  Learn more about this fascinating school and Kimberly Wilson at their website or contact Kimberly directly at 813-949-3484.  Email her as well at

The 2nd half of the show was highlighted by an appearance by Jim Yeager, owner of Yeager and Company and regular Expert Contributor to That Business Show.   Yeager and Company is a third generation family owned business based in Odessa, Florida and is a full service Contracting company.  Jim also offers listeners of That Business Show a special offer on flooring, just mention you heard him on the radio.  Learn more at or phone at 727-375-7813 or email at!

Jim Yeager Kimberly Wilson