That Business Show Recap 02-25-2015 Featuring Sharon Fekete and Jessica Rivelli

Today was the launch of Working Women Wednesdays!  Through a partnership with the well established networking group, Working Women of Tampa Bay.  I will be featuring two professional women each Wednesday on That Business Show.  The show kicked off with a segment from the organization’s founder and leader, Jessica Rivelli, who spoke of the importance of networking and some of the success stories from within her group.  The group is highly influential and very well connected and features over 700 members and over 25,000 followers on various social media outlets.  Learn more about Jessica Rivelli and this amazing group at her website or contact her via email at  She is available via phone at 727-424-9192.

The 2nd guest in studio today was The Doctor Whisperer, Sharon Fekete.   Sharon Fekete has over 15 years experience managing, marketing, supervising, and GROWING successful medical practices from New York to Florida. Her special style of results driven marketing and branding has her clients and staff looking at their practices in a whole new light. Sharon has a keen ability to work with people and teams, transforming under-performing offices into uber-medical centers.  Over the years Sharon has done it all. These responsibilities included but were not limited to managing practices in Florida with multiple locations, an evening division, 33+ staff members, & 4 physicians. Overseeing all operations including the front office, back office, finance and clinical staff. Responsible for opening & marketing satellite offices, in addition to HR responsibilities, team building, and executive meetings with physician partners.  Sharon invites anyone in the medical professional seeking support in running their businesses to contact her via email at or phone at 727-420-2481.  Also be sure to visit her website,

Sharon Fekete Jessica Rivelli