That Business Show 02-20-2015 Featuring Chris Krimitsos and Steve Gavatorta

Today was an amazing and highly entertaining show featuring two great guests.  First up was Chris Krimitsos, Founder of the Tampa Bay Business Owners Group to discuss his latest project – the launch of StoryJam Theater, a podcast that promotes great stories from the community.  Chris told some great stories himself on the show today including the lesson learned at a young age from his Uncle Jimmy about understanding your value and not letting customers that do not value your product or service to control too much of your business.  He also told a great story about a young video producer from Orlando that missed a huge opportunity over making an emotional decision stressing the importance to think logically when analyzing business opportunities.  Learn more about Chris at or contact him directly at 813-489-5585 or email at  Also, help support his Podcast on iTunes and search for StoryJam Theater!

On the 2nd half of the show was Steve Gavatorta, a business consultant, trainer, and coach and author of the book The Reach Out Approach, A Communication Process for Initiating, Developing and Leveraging Mutually Rewarding Relationships. Steve spoke of the importance of developing trust in relationships and we spoke at great length about the use of DISC profiles which analyze personality traits of people and how they can be used as an effective tool to consult with business owners when dealing with staff, or analyzing business counterparts.  Chris contributed some great insight and stories to this segment as well and you can learn more about Steve at his website or contact him at 813-908-1343 or email at and ask him how he can help you in your business!

Steve Gavatorta Show Card (Small) Chris Krimitsos