That Business Show Recap 02-18-2015 Featuring Elton Rivas and Sarah K Asaftei

On That Business Show, I welcomed Elton Rivas, Co-Founder of the National Crowd Funding Festival known as One Spark.  This event is being held in Jacksonville from April 7th to the 12th and connects entrepreneurs, artists and other business creators with the resources they need to turn their dreams into reality.  This is the 3rd year of the event and already it is attracting tons of interest with over 150,000 people expected at the event along with an All-Star panel of speakers at the Speaker Forum.  Registration is still available for creators, sponsors and volunteers.  Learn more about this event at or reach out to Elton and his team at 904-254-7004 or email at Creators@OneSpark.Com.

Next on the show, I spoke with Brand Strategist and entrepreneur Sarah K. Asaftei.  Sarah’s company, SKA Media Productions creates story-driven campaigns for foundations and double or triple bottom line companies who are making massive social impact and want to let people know.  Sarah spoke of the importance of having “one face” in your life, meaning be who you are in both your personal and professional life.  She also spoke of double line and triple line companies as those companies that look at more than just the one bottom line (net income).  Companies with a focus on double line and triple line values add “impact” and “environment” to their “normal bottom lines” and this idea is oftentimes explored by Sarah in her blog and her upcoming book.  Sarah has produced & directed more than 150 story videos internationally, from city-wide message campaigns to global satellite TV network shows, and recently directed a music video which was officially nominated for Video of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Gospel Music Awards’s.  Sarah is available to assist you and your company with a branding strategy through story driven campaigns and you can learn more about Sarah at or phone at 478-361-7973.  Email her at

Elton Rivas Show Card (Small) Sarah K Asaftei (new) (Small)