That Business Show Recap 02-16-2015 Featuring Ali Walter

Happy President’s Day to everyone!  While many are enjoying a day off, it was business as usual at That Business Show with Jamie Meloni.

In studio today, I welcomed business consultant Ali Walter, owner of Ali Ann and Company.  As a business advisor and profit strategist through her consulting firm, Ali Ann & Co., Ali helps small business owners master their productivity, profitability and purpose. She achieves this through various solutions such as turn-key system development, process streamlining and profit margin analysis. Having experienced burnout in several of her past businesses, Ali also learned the hard way what happens when you live to work. She has an unwavering focus to help business owners master the balance of life and business. The driving force behind everything Ali does – help clients achieve profitable businesses AND balanced, happier lives.  Ali spoke of her successes turning around an asphalt company that was struggling in 2007 and turned them into a thriving company 5 years later resulting in sales increases of over 1,225%.  Ali has assisted many business owners and can help yours as well.  Reach out to Ali Walter at her website or by phone at 727-729-1394.  Her email address is

Ali Walter Show Card (Small)