That Business Show Recap 02-09-2015 Featuring Martha Viveros and Jim Mcpeak

Today I welcomed Real Estate Broker Owners Martha Viveros and Jim McPeak.  Martha specializes in representing buyers and sellers in the Latin community and spoke of how she grew in business through a past failed business.  We spoke of the importance of branding and she has branded herself La Diva of Real Estate and you can learn more about Martha at or by phone at 813-385-7574.  Jim McPeak joined me in studio today for his first on air appearance as an Expert Contributor to the show.  Jim is a Military Veteran and very accomplished and experienced Real Estate broker.  HIs firm specializes in property management and also new home buyer representation.  Reach out to Jim via phone at 813-495-3875 or website at

Martha Viveros Show Card (Small) ShowCard 02-09-2015 (Small)